We are selecting up to 20 of the greatest minds at Johns Hopkins to work with us to create the future of medicine.

10 + 10 Teams
$7 million

We will choose 20 clinicians and nurses working on rare diseases, acute, and chronic conditions. Chosen clinicians will be granted use of the Medopad platform to transform patient care pathways, improve standard of care, or kickstart new clinical research.

Application deadline 20 Oct '18
Winners announced 22 Oct '18


Medopad strategic partners


The Opportunity


Phase 1 (2018/19)

70 clinicians receive Medopad's remote patient monitoring services with full project management support. Services are worth up to $85,000 per team, and are delivered free of charge. 


Phase 2 (2019/20)

2 clinicians selected to undertake joint research project focused on predicting disease complications and/or clinical deterioration. Each team receives AI and predictive analytic services worth up to $500,000 free of charge.


The platform


Medopad is a remote patient monitoring solution comprising a patient facing smartphone app and an online dashboard used by clinicians.

Patient-reported data supports clinical decision making and contributes to service improvement and clinical research. Clinician case studies here.


Modular design

Select from a list of modules to tailor the app to your patient cohort.

Patient-reported data

Collect patient reported data (PROMS, PREMS) on anything from activity levels, to symptoms, to patient experience measures.

Dashboard & analytics

Monitor response to treatments & disease progression.

Supports early intervention & identification of complications.


The Patient app

  • Passive & active data collection 

  • Dashboard for self-management

  • Digitised education & support

The Clinician Portal

  • Prioritization of patients for review

  • Visualization of individual patient progress

  • Clinician case studies (click here)


the process

stage 1.png

Define Research Specifications

20 Sept 2018 - 20 Oct 2018

Clinician selects patient cohort that would benefit from remote monitoring and self-management support.

stage 2.png

Competition Submission Deadline

20 Oct 2018

Clinician selects from library of modules to address the cohort's clinical needs.

stage 3.png

Winners announced

27 Oct 2018

Medopad selects 70 clinicians working in rare disease and 70 clinicians working in acute and chronic disease.

stage 4.png

Project Scope & Implementation Finalized

1 Nov 2018 - 1 Dec 2018

Together, we map out implementation, training, and collect the data to support standard of care status within your hospital.

stage 5.png

Roll out to patients

As Agreed upon

With training complete, program is ready for roll out with the support of the Medopad engagement and genius team.

let's make the impossible possible


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Medopad’s mission is to create a world where people can live longer… a world where the best minds continue doing their best work… a world where we can spend more time with our loved ones. 


Medopad is working with a strong network of commercial partners to realise this mission including Apple, HP, and Tencent (one of the world's largest technology companies, based in China).